2021 砂之盒沉浸影像展 (SIF 2021) 由砂之盒发起,旨在聚焦前沿沉浸叙事体验,致力于捕捉国 际沉浸艺术未来的潮流和趋向,把握沉浸叙事内容发展脉络, 拓展沉浸叙事的边界,探讨沉浸叙事内容的更多可能。

    我们希望通过举办一年一度的沉浸影像展,从主题峰会、官方展映、沉浸艺术展、创投单元、市场以及砂之盒颁奖礼等 单元,构筑全球最广泛的内容创意合作网络,为广大创意人 提供展示和交流平台,寻找有可能的市场机会,建立中国与全球沉浸媒介创意人合作的桥梁和窗口,成为未来沉浸体验 的摇篮。

    SIF 2021 将在十月与北京举行。本次活动主题为“叠加宇宙”——当万物的边界消融合一,媒介的叠加产生了新的媒介,时空的叠加产生了新的时空,身份的叠加产生了新的你我。这是一个怎样的世界,我们带你一同探索。”

    魅力金秋,缤纷京城,让我们相约10月,SIF 2021,不见不散。

    Sandbox Immersive Festival (SIF) festival is the biggest immersive festival in China, dedicating to promote interactive and immersive storytelling. SIF 2021 will be held in Beijing. “Super Reality”is the key theme for this edition of the festival.


    Succeeding in organizing our second edition in 2019, we are excited to welcome you back to our third year. This year, we are curating a unique experience by presenting Immersive Summit, Official Screenings, Immersive Art Exhibition, Project Pitching, Business Market, Sandbox Award Ceremony and networking events. We hope to share and discover the exciting future of immersive industry with you.


    Being a global networking platform for next generation creators, SIF aims to become a future hub of innovation and creativity for XR industry, providing new opportunities for global talents in Asia region and beyond.


    This July, we sincerely invite you to join us and experience an invaluable and immersive journey in Beijing.