Sandbox Immersive Festival (SIF) is China's first independent virtual media festival dedicated to promote immersive and interactive content including virtual, augmented, mixed reality and immersive arts. SIF works with strategic partners globally to create the best immersive program for the industry, the professionals and the general audience in China as well as worldwide. The festival aims to build the best platform for communication to help global creators succeed in the age of immersion.

    2019 青岛国际 VR 影像周——砂之盒沉浸影像展 (SIF) 是由中国第一 VR 独立创意人组织 SANDBOX 发起的国际顶级沉浸娱乐盛会。在 7 天的影像周活动里,我们将通过峰会、展映、工作坊、创投会、科技市集等单元全面呈现最尖端的沉浸娱乐体验内容,涵盖虚拟现实、混合现实、沉浸式戏剧、沉浸式交互艺术及主题乐园等领域。我们将邀请包括好莱坞制片公司在内的全球沉浸式娱乐的意见领袖与行业先锋,为大家共同呈现一场从未有过的视听与知识的盛宴。