Sandbox Immersive Festival 2019-Call For Entry

    China’s First Cross-Media festival Sandbox Immersive Festival (SIF) 2019 announced its dates, June 24-27, and call for submissions.


    1st March- Sandbox Immersive Festival (SIF), announced that the second edition will take place June 24-27, 2019 in Qingdao, China. SIF is China's first cross-media festival dedicated to promote immersive and interactive storytelling in all media format. Submissions open today on 1st March for VR/AR/MR Experiences, Immersive Artwork, Immersive Installations and Performances, Interactive Films, Interactive Storytelling Games, Spatial Audio Experiences as well as Branded Immersive Experiences.


    This year, SIF is going to present 50 projects in its competition and non-competition screening. The competition continues to honor the best immersive projects from across the world with six awards: Best Immersive Storytelling, Best Immersive Experience, Best Immersive Art, Best Immersive Marketing, Best Chinese Work and the Grand Jury Award. Past winners includeHold The World(Factory 42), The Real Thing(DV Group) , Wolves In The Wall(Fable Studios), Shennong: Taste of Illusion(Pinta Studios) and The Day The World Change(Tomorrow Never Knows).


    In addition to premium content showcase, SIF will host a half-day pitch track to introduce emerging artists and encourage originality. By providing technology, financial and distribution resources, SIF pitch track will continue to discover new voices in global immersive space and cultivate talents in Asia market and beyond.


    In 2019, SIF will introduce the Market & Social Programs. With the purpose to help projects find the right creative, technical and financial partners, SIF will organize specific one-on-one meetings for project teams to meet with industrial professionals. For better presenting their works, extra meeting and demo space are provided for content creators in the marketplace.


    Last year's festival celebrated the first and biggest gathering of global thought leaders in immersive industry, invited more than 100 speakers from worldwide, including Ted Schilowitz(Paramount Studios), Jennifer Cook(Dreamscape Immersive), Sean Stewart(Magic Leap), Kent Bye (Voices of VR), Shari Frilot(Sundance New Frontier), Liz Rosenthal and Michel Reilhac(Venice VR), Michael Muller(Muller Photo), Joanna Popper(HP), Noah Nelson (No Proscenium), Jesse Damiani(Galatea/VRScout) just to name a few. SIF 2018 showcase presented 49 immersive projects from around the world.


    Sandbox Immersive Festival is founded in 2018 by Eddie Lou, with curating partner Lin Che, event producer Juno You and creative partner Eric Shamlin.


    VRrOOm is collaborating with Sandbox Immersive Festival as online screening partner to bring part of the SIF’s AR and VR selection to the VRrOOm XR app. Free to access globally in streaming mode only, the virtual extension of SIF will allow creators and producers to benefit from an international visibility from 30th June to 31st July.


    Submissions Open Now!


    Submission Deadlines:

    Official Selection: May 5th, 2019

    Pitching Session: May 24th, 2019


    Hoe to submit to the official selection:

    1. Submitted works should be completed within the twelve months prior to the festival.

    2. No restrictions of time duration. Projects ranges from VR, AR, MR and any other immersive installations and performances are all welcome. Please refer to the entry form for the details.

    3. The one who submit the projects should be the holder of all usage rights to it, and should guarantee that the project has no copyright flaws.

    4. To submit your work to official selection, please complete the online entry form: https://goo.gl/forms/XCXbnvqRM71J9uDm1


    How to submit a pitch project:

    1. Submitted project must be an original work

    2. Submitted project must have at least complete concept design.

    3. Submitted project should specify the state of the development and resource required.

    4. Please send full deck and information to: pitching@sandboxif.com



    If you have any question, please feel to contact us:

    Official Selection: submission@sandboxif.com

    Pitching Session: pitching@sandboxif.com

    General Enquiries: sif@sandboxif.com

    Official Website: http://www.sandboxif.com

    Please click the button below to submit your work to official selection.

  • 征片公告

    2019 青岛国际 VR 影像周 砂之盒沉浸影像展征片公告


    2019 青岛国际VR影像周——砂之盒沉浸影像展 (Sandbox Immersive Festival,简称SIF) 将于2019年6月24日—27日在青岛举办,组委会诚邀优秀作品和项目报名参加官方展映单元和创投单元。




    SIF 官方展映致力于捕捉国际沉浸艺术未来的潮流和趋向,集中呈现全球优秀的VR、AR 及 MR 作品,以及沉浸戏剧和新媒体艺术佳作。展映分为竞赛单元和非竞赛单元,设置最佳沉浸叙事奖(Best Immersive Storytelling);最佳沉浸体验奖(Best Immersive Experience);最佳沉浸艺术奖(Best Immersive Art);最佳沉浸营销奖(Best Immersive Marketing);最佳中国作品奖(Best Chinese Work)以及评委会大奖(Grand Jury Award)六个奖项。









    1. 须为2018年6月30日之后出品;

    2. 时长不限,种类涵盖 VR,AR,MR,沉浸式装置和沉浸戏剧作品,作品格式要求详见征片报名表;

    3. 作品报名方应为出品方,并保证报名作品不具有任何版权和权利瑕疵。



    1. 须为原创作品,故事完整,设定新颖;

    2. 处于策划或开发阶段,需要获得平台资源和资金支持。




    创投单元报名: pitching@sandboxif.com



    官方展映单元: submission@sandboxif.com

    创投单元: pitching@sandboxif.com

    SIF 官方网站: http://www.sandboxif.com









    Sandbox Immersive Festival (SIF) is China’s first independent virtual media festival dedicated to promote immersive and interactive content including virtual, augmented, mixed reality and immersive arts. SIF works with strategic partners globally to create the best immersive program for the industry, the professionals and the general audience in China as well as worldwide. The festival aims to build the best platform for communication to help global creators succeed in the age of immersion.

    2019 青岛国际 VR 影像周——砂之盒沉浸影像展 (SIF) 是由中国第一 VR 独立创意人组织 SANDBOX 发起的国际顶级沉浸娱乐盛会。在 4 天的影像周活动里,我们将通过峰会、展映、工作坊、创投会、科技市集等单元全面呈现最尖端的沉浸娱乐体验内容,涵盖虚拟现实、混合现实、沉浸式戏剧、沉浸式交互艺术及主题乐园等领域。我们将邀请包括好莱坞制片公司在内的全球沉浸式娱乐的意见领袖与行业先锋,为大家共同呈现一场从未有过的视听与知识的盛宴。